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DUI in California and live out of state? Online DUI, MIP, MIC, Alcohol Drug Awareness Programs for Court

Online DUI, Alcohol Drug Awareness, Minor in Possession and Deferred Entry of Judgment Classes.

Did you get a DUI arrest in California but live in another state?  Complete DUI, Alcohol Awareness, Minor in Possession, Deferred Entry of Judgement Programs Online for court with Certified Substance Abuse Prevention Specialist. State approved for out of state residents who received a DUI, Alcohol, Drug, or Minor in Possession charge in California requiring a Wet Reckless, First Offender or Second Offender SB1176, AB541, AB762, AB1353 or SB38 Alcohol Program. Includes FREE 60 minute Victim Impact Panel for Court Requirements. We also offer a PC1000 Deferred Entry of Judgment Drug Diversion Class for first time drug offenders in the State of California. Tom Wilson Counseling Center has been providing APPROVED classes online for DUI, Alcohol, Drug, Anger, Theft, and more since 2004. Instructor credentials can be viewed here:
California DUI Alcohol Programs approved…