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Take an Online DUI Class to Resolve an Out of State DUI

by Tom Wilson
Suppose you live in Arizona and drive to Los Angeles see a concert at the Hollywood Bowl. When the concert ends, you decide to stop off and have a few beers before driving back to your hotel. On the way to your hotel, a police officer stops you for a traffic infraction.

The officer asks if you have been drinking, and you admit to one beer (actually 3). The officer looks at your Arizona driver's license and then asks you step out of the vehicle to do some field sobriety tests. You are confidant that you will pass the tests, but the officer informs you that he is taking you in for suspicion of driving under the influence. At the jail your breathalyzer results put you over the legal limit. You are charged with DUI. You have to go court, hire an attorney and enter a plea.

California now notifies Arizona that your license has been suspended and Arizona honors the suspension under an interstate compact agreement. As part of your agreement with the court, you agree to comple…